Parenting tips for planning a Spooktacular Halloween for kids!

The ghouls Halloween fest is about to arrive, and a host of spooky soiree ideas race through your mind to make it kid-friendly. As a parent, I make sure that my kids stay engaged in every celebration and event. Monster mash party is often scary but making it fit for your little munchkins take a […]

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Why do we celebrate Navratri Festival? – History, celebrations and significance of 9 Days!

Festival of dance, colors, music, light and divinity is around, and people are pepping up to celebrate Navratri in full swing. But how many of you understand the significance of this festival, and what is its history? Looking at the preceding days of this festival, you can see the markets flooded with paraphernalia (Garbo) of […]

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Teacher’s Day Celebration- Importance, tips to celebrate,and a lot more!

Last night, I heard a whispering of my 10-year-old kid with his friend that, “Why do we celebrate Teacher’s Day, and is it compulsory to give some gifts or cards to teachers?” This triggered my mind with the thought that students these days are negligent about the purity and significance of celebrating Teacher’s Day. Therefore, […]

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Raksha Bandhan Day celebration ideas this lockdown

Sitting aloof at the corner chair in the living area, my son was under some deep thoughts. I went and asked him for a reason and got the reply, “Mom, there’s no summer visit to Nani’s house this year and neither playtime with friends. Nor will we have upcoming Raksha Bandhan Day celebration with cousins […]

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Activities to engage your kids during coronavirus lockdown

How to develop skills and engage your kids during the Coronavirus Lockdown

For families that are going through the Corona era, it all seems like a three-act play, where you are playing every role. You become a parent, teacher, and professional at the same time. But things do not always go smoothly. The novelty of having school at home is not as easy as it seems.Parents are […]

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