Parenting tips for planning a Spooktacular Halloween for kids!

The ghouls Halloween fest is about to arrive, and a host of spooky soiree ideas race through your mind to make it kid-friendly. As a parent, I make sure that my kids stay engaged in every celebration and event. Monster mash party is often scary but making it fit for your little munchkins take a […]

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Child Bullying

Child Bullying- Save your child from this vicious circle?

Samantha got an early call from her 10 years daughter’s school and she was shaken. School authorities informed her that few students have bullied her daughter based on racism and even tried to physically torture her. This is shocking? Isn’t it? Samantha rushed to the school after this discerning conversation and school authorities quoted, “A […]

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Children Development Food

Ten foods that will help your toddlers to gain weight

Parents ought to be on top of their game to see if their baby’s development chart indicates a significant increase due to their age and gender. You can find your kid eating well, so you don’t add that much gain weight. It is not a matter of concern. Some kids are having a steady metabolic […]

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Baby Massage

Will Regular Massages Help My Baby’s Growth and Development?

Gentle and rhythmic stroking of a baby’s body using hands is termed as Baby Massage. Using oils or a moisturizer ameliorates the massaging by making gliding of hands on the baby’s skin smoothly. Massaging an infant baby helps manipulate ankles, wrists as well as fingers. The soothing touch of your hands stimulates the production of […]

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