mental Illness

Coping with mental illness: Defeating the terrorist living inside our head

Suicide, depression, anxiety, we encounter these words almost daily, but do we know what exactly it is? Do we know what is going on inside the head of the person who is closest to us? Nope! We don’t because all these things function differently in different people. While our nation is grieving the sad demise […]

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Tips to improve immune system of your Grandparents against COVID19

As we all know about covid19 which is overpowering the whole with its life taking spread ability and even humans are not able to find out the vaccine of it. Although some people discussed the impact of Ayurveda on the treatment of coronavirus. Even the health ministry also declares that Ayurveda is the key to […]

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Coronavirus Diet

What To Add In Diet To Prevent Corona Virus

We all know that there is yet no vaccine to prevent Corona virus, however one of the way to deal with it is making our immunity strong. There are a plenty of food sources that can help to boost the immune system to prevent contracting the virus and help the body recover faster in case […]

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