parenting skills

Weak Parenting Skills Everyone Should Avoid

We all make a lot of effort to be good parents. At times we are hard on our kids only to ensure that we do not exhibit the traits of negative parenting. However, at times we unintentionally tend to indulge in acts that are considered to be weak parenting skills. Here we are going to […]

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funny parenting

Funny Things About Parenting

Most of the times, people tell you their good and bad experiences at parenting. However, there are very few parents who actually highlight the humour that is associated with parenting. This is so because most of the parents themselves are not aware about the funny things they do in mundane life while parenting. Here we […]

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parents act

Unintentional Acts Under Stress That Parents Should Avoid In Front Of Kids

We are parents for sure but still are humans after all who are habitual to doing certain things. We might avoid doing these things in front of our children otherwise but while under stress we tend to unintentionally do these things. While certain acts are perfectly normal there are few that must be avoided at […]

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generation gap

Key To Reduce Generation GAP Between Parents And Kids

One thing that almost all the parents in today’s time want is to reduce the generation gap. Here we are to help you with the following Key To Reduce Generation GAP Between Parents And Kids. Interaction One of the most effective ways of bridging up the gap between parents and children is effective communication. Only […]

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