Activities to engage your kids during coronavirus lockdown

How to develop skills and engage your kids during the Coronavirus Lockdown

For families that are going through the Corona era, it all seems like a three-act play, where you are playing every role. You become a parent, teacher, and professional at the same time. But things do not always go smoothly. The novelty of having school at home is not as easy as it seems.Parents are […]

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Children Development Food

Ten foods that will help your toddlers to gain weight

Parents ought to be on top of their game to see if their baby’s development chart indicates a significant increase due to their age and gender. You can find your kid eating well, so you don’t add that much gain weight. It is not a matter of concern. Some kids are having a steady metabolic […]

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Father's Bonding

Is Bonding With Fathers Really That Important?

It is natural for a child to be more inclined towards the healing touch of a mother. However, the fact that a child craves the presence of his father cannot be denied. While it is taken for granted that a child shares a bond with the mother, in case of bonding with father it is […]

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KIds Brain Activities

10 Summer Activities For Kids To Keep Their Brain Active This Summer

You need to get a little creative this summer to keep your kid happy and involved. Here we are with some fun summer activities for kids that will make them go brainstorming. 1. Explain the purpose One of the best summer activities to do with your kids is to take them out on a picnic. […]

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funny parenting

Funny Things About Parenting

Most of the times, people tell you their good and bad experiences at parenting. However, there are very few parents who actually highlight the humour that is associated with parenting. This is so because most of the parents themselves are not aware about the funny things they do in mundane life while parenting. Here we […]

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Ways Parents Can Prevent Teen Depression

One of the most common issues that are being faced by the world today is teen depression. It is not at all a hard task to spot a teenager around us who is suffering from this concern. With growing numbers of teens with depression symptoms parents have become more aware and they are trying to […]

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All About Sustainable Parenting

One of the most talked about topics in today’s world is that of sustainable parenting. To most of us this term is completely new while there are many others who are strictly following this. To those who have heard this term for the first time we are to discuss with you All About Sustainable Parenting […]

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