mental Illness

Coping with mental illness: Defeating the terrorist living inside our head

Suicide, depression, anxiety, we encounter these words almost daily, but do we know what exactly it is? Do we know what is going on inside the head of the person who is closest to us? Nope! We don’t because all these things function differently in different people. While our nation is grieving the sad demise […]

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5 Ways To Avoid Heat Stroke During Pregnancy

Dealing with pregnancy is challenging irrespective of the time of the year. However, during summers it gets a little more difficult. While dressing in summer is more convenient for pregnant women but summer heat has surely some inconvenience to offer too. It is undeniably true that summer heat is very uncomfortable especially for pregnant women. […]

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kids dental

Tips To Deal With Major Dental Problems In Kids

Dental problems have exacerbated these days. Every other kid can be seen dealing with dental problems. Some are mild while others are major dental concerns and therefore need to be dealt with seriously. Here we are going to discuss with you some of the most common dental problems that kids face and helpful tips to […]

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amusement park

Tips to keep the kids safe in an amusement park

Amusement parks are the most favourite places for children. But, like any other activities, this involves precautions to have fun without bad times. Before leaving home, read our tips to keep the kids safe in an amusement park for enjoying risk-free time. Make sure the attractions are in good condition Look closely at the structure, […]

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