pregnancy vaccination

Mandatory Vaccination During Pregnancy

In today’s world, the maternal immunization provides important health benefits to both pregnant women and to the foetus. Diseases that are known to be otherwise vaccine-preventable are known to be a cause of morbidity as well as mortality among the maternal, neonatal as well as the young infant. However, by simply following the path of […]

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Pregnancy Trimester

Most Common Pregnancy Symptoms In First Trimester

Pregnancy is a beautiful phase of life that every woman craves to experience. During this beautiful phase of life while you are joyous on one hand, there are a lot of other things that begin to trouble you. Your body undergoes a lot of changes while your mind makes you vulnerable to mood swings. If […]

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Tips To Deal With Complications During Birthing Process

Most of us are always concerned and fearful about the dates of delivery that have been issued to us, especially if we are a first-timer. There are a lot of issues that are said to occur during birthing process the labor that is important for us to know along with the tips that help to […]

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