Month By Month Diet Chart For Pregnant Women

One of the first things that mothers to be and their family must pay attention to is the diet plan. There is a need for you to plan a good diet chart for yourself with the help of your doctor. As the stages of development of the baby vary from one month to the ninth month, therefore the type of food that you must consume also varies. Broadly, it is suggested that you have a balanced diet but being more specific about what to eat is preferred. Here we are with the month wise diet plan for you that you must follow.

1. Month 1 Pregnancy Diet chartMonth 1 Pregnancy Diet chart

The baby is an embryo in the first month of pregnancy. It is suggested that you must have a snack that is rich in carbohydrate. To deal with the morning sickness you ought to consume meals that are comparatively smaller than the ones you usually have. However, you ought to increase the frequency of having food. Go in for easy to digest food and consume as much liquid as possible. Say no to high fat, spicy and fried food. Opt for folate-rich and Vitamin B6 rich food.

2. Month 2 Pregnancy Diet chartMonth 2 Pregnancy Diet chart


The size of a baby is that of a kidney bean now.  During the second month, you must consume ginger for nausea. Apart from this, you must focus on getting as much vitamin E as possible. Do not forget to add raw almonds, olive oil, avocado, sunflower seeds, egg yolk and hazelnuts in your diet.

3. Month 3 Pregnancy Diet chart

Month 3 Pregnancy Diet chart

The baby is almost 3 inches long by now and weighs equal to a pea pod. Ensure continuing the above mentioned diet. It is now important that you add to your diet chart at least 10 glasses of water in a day. Also, you must have fluid-filled fruits as well as vegetables. All of these helps to keep the baby hydrated.

4. Month 4 Pregnancy Diet chartMonth 4 Pregnancy Diet chart

By this time, your baby is almost 5.5 inches long weighing 140g. Now you need to go in for consuming as much iron-rich foods as possible. In addition to this, you must go in for having protein intake. Prefer food like eggs plus free-range meats if you are non-vegetarian and if you are vegetarian then consume iron-rich plant foods like leafy greens as well as legumes. Do not forget to add a source of vitamin C to your diet.

5. Month 5 Pregnancy Diet chart

Month 5 Pregnancy Diet chart

Now you have come almost mid-way through your pregnancy period. Carrying the baby in your belly now gets a little difficult as the baby tends to gain weight. In the fifth month, the baby is around 10.5inches long. It is important that you now add foods to your diet that are rich in calcium like almonds, tahini, green leafy vegetables. Also, go in for consuming broccoli, oranges as well as tomatoes.

6. Month 6 Pregnancy Diet chart

Month 6 Pregnancy Diet chart

The baby now weighs nearly 660g and you have probably started to experience and feel the growth of the baby already. Now you tend to feel hungrier on one hand and suffer from problems like constipation on the other hand. Going in for food like whole-grains, vegetables, fruits and legumes is highly suggested to prevent suffering from constipation. Also, it is suggested that you have one tablespoon of psyllium mixed with a glass of water prior to going to the bed.

7. Month 7 Pregnancy Diet chart

Month 7 Pregnancy Diet chart

The baby now gains more weight and is almost 15 inches long. While your baby is developing, on one hand, you suffer from heartburn on the other hand. This month, it is important that you avoid having high-fat or fried foods and say a complete no to the spicy foods. In this stage, it is important for your body to have an adequate supply of protein to reduce the chances of preeclampsia and morning sickness apart from other complications.

8. Month 8 Pregnancy Diet chart

Month 8 Pregnancy Diet chart

Your baby most probably weighs almost 2.4 kg  now. You now begin to experience frequent urination and backaches apart from breath shortness and sleeplessness. You must now go in for consumption of omega 3 fatty acids. Opt for consuming oily fish like salmon in addition to nuts and seeds. Do not forget to add ground flax seeds to your diet. Adding sour cherries is also recommended.

9. Month 9 Pregnancy Diet chart

Month 9 Pregnancy Diet chart

Now the baby is almost 20.5 inches long and weighs almost 3.4 kg. you are now suggested to add garlic to your diet chart. Also, do not forget to eat dates on daily basis. Last but not least, it is very important for you to consume 2 handfuls of dried raisins on weekly basis.

To wrap up, this is a brief description of what all you need to eat during the pregnancy. This period of nine months is crucial for both you and your developing baby. Try to have balanced meals so that your body gets strong enough to deliver the baby and your baby gets enough nutrients to develop healthily. A little precaution on your end can save you and your baby from a plethora of complication on the labor day. We wish you a safe and healthy delivery and motivate you to have all the ingredients in your diet that we have listed above which will ensure that all goes well with the mother and child


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